Grape Varieties Burgundy

Grape VarietiesGrape varieties in Burgundy are very unique. At the same time they are very few.This makes it very simple for us consumers. Unlike other wine regions Burgundy bases its wines mainly on 2 grape varieties. Chardonnay grapes for white wines. Pinot Noir grapes for red wines. Mainly in the famous Cote de Or, Chablis and in the not that famous Cote Chalonnaise!

Gammay & Aligote – the unkown Burgundy grape varieties

Of course it can not be that easy! There is always something extra to discover in a French wine region. Burgundy is not the exception. Other than Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, there are 2 special grape varieties: Gammay and Aligote. Mainly used for the production of: Crémant de Bourgogne, Rosé wine and Beaujolais wine.

Beaujolais wine is composed 100% by Gammay. A grape variety with very special characteristics. It produces a wine almost immediately ready to drink after fermentation. Without any aging! It is produced in the south of Burgundy. It is very famous because it is the first wine realeased after the harvest. On the third Thursday of November every year together with fireworks, festivales and parties all around France. To celebrate the harvest!

Aligoté traditional white wines. It produces dry white wine under the name of Bourgogne Aligote. It is also used to produce Cremant de Bourgogne as it gives finesse to this sparkling wine.

 Discover Burgundy’s wines through the different Grape Varieties!