AligoteThis is is a very ancient grape variety in Burgundy, extensively used some centuries ago. Nowadays these grapes diminished dramatically, as Chardonnay has conquered almost the entire Burgundy. However there are still some parcels which are not suitable for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir where Aligote is planted. It produces very big grapes and big grape bunches. This varietal is used to produce Bourgogne Aligote, and it can also be used to produce Burgundy’s sparkling wine: Cremánt de Bourgogne.

Aligote – a subtle fruity delight

Aligote renders white light-bodied wines, mainly used to complement Chardonnay still and sparkling white wines in Burgundy. Aligoté wines have their best expression in the Bouzeron appellation in the Côte Chalonnaise, in which the mentioned varietal has found the best terroir to express itself. Aligote white wines are recognized by their apple and citrus aromas and their simple and subtle fruity palate.

Here you will find OM Nielsen Vinimport selection of Aligoté based wines.

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