Gamay is mainly grown in the Beaujolais region and the Mâconnais region in Burgundy. Of the 35.000 hectares of Gamay vines planted in the world 22.000 hectares are located in the Beaujolais region. Gamay dominates the Beaujolais region representing 99% of its production. It is a grape variety that loves the terroir specially the subsoil in Haute Beaujolais composed by granite and sandy silt. It also obtains excellent results in the Bas Beaujolais and Mâconnais were the soil is mainly composed by limestone and clay.

Gamay is an early ripening variety and it renders wine with lovely fruitiness and firm acidity. It is a dark skin grape with clear juice. The flavor character is of red fruits and some more complex wines show dark fruit flavors with notes of herbs and earth. Carbonic maceration is often used to obtain fruit flavors and decrease the amount of tannins.


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