Merlot is a grape variety very popular in Bordeaux and it is often blended with Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet Sauvignon is a very muscular and intense grape which isred merlot grapes well known for being very tannic and this characteristic in particular allows Bordeaux wines to age so well. However Merlot is a very sexy grape that rends very nice and round wines, with sweet fruit flavors, it is much milder in its tannins. All these characteristics make Merlot a very appealing grape variety for people who just started to drink wine as well as for wine lovers who want to relax. It is considered a soft wines which is normally ready to please meaning most of the bottles are meant to be drunk as soon as they are bought.

It is very often found in wines to please the masses so as we will say every day wines which normally offer low prices. However when properly and seriously treated Merlot rends amazing wines, like Chateau Petrus in Bordeaux offers an amazing Merlot at of course a very high price.

Merlot is very popular in the US, Chile, Italy, New Zealand and Canada. Merlot is highly appreciated by winemakers as it gives high yields and good quality at the same time. The bunches it produces are loose allowing air to flow through and so making it less vulnerable to fungal attacks and the best of all it ripens quite early allowing grape growers to pick in fairly nice mild weather before the rains in autumn start.