Wine & Grape Production

Wine production

Burgundy is a very fragmented wine region with thousands of vineyard owners. There are 3,200 domains, most of them small wine producers, in a total of 28.500 ha. of vines (8.000 ha. in Côte de Nuits and 7.000 ha, in Côte de Beaune) with a total wine production of 1.5 million hl. Burgundy produces around 200 million bottles per year.

The domains own 67% of the vineyards but only 25% bottle their own wine mainly because of lack of funds. Therefore there is a very important group in Burgundy’s wine trade the: “négociants”. Negociants may or may not be vineyard owners, they buy wine from small scale wine producers and bottle it. Most of them are based in the city of Beaune in Cote de Beaune. Negociants normally buy the wines and do the blending themselves.

Regarding wine production around two thirds (60%) of the total is white wine and only around one third (31%) is red wine. There is also production of sparkling wine under the name of “Crémant de Bourgogne” it represents around 8%. There is also a very small production of rosé wine representing only around 1%.