ChablisChablis is the northernmost wine region in Burgundy. Champagne and Alsace are the only French wine producing regions higher than Chablis. The wine produced here has a very different style compared to the white wines produced in the rest of Burgundy. Chablis is so far away from the rest of the Burgundy wine producing regions that it actually has a different soil composition and enjoys different climate conditions. Chablis is over 160km away from the city of Beaune and it is closer to Champagne than to the rest of Burgundy. Chablis is a very famous white wine producing region well-known worldwide that has set up a style of white wine based on Chardonnay grapes. They are characterized by being limpid pale yellow, crisp, fresh and elegant wines with a nice minerality.

Chablis is a wine region that has a continental climate with no oceanic influence. The vineyards are exposed to frost during spring which is very dangerous because it is the season when vines are most vulnerable. A lot has been done to prevent the damage caused by spring frost, and nowadays water sprinklers are used, which create a liquid water coating that covers the vine keeping it at 0°C protecting it from lower temperatures. Oil heaters and electric heating of the vineyard are also used. However these systems elevate the cost of production.

Chablis winemaking area was very affected by phylloxera and it was not until the 1950’s that it started to recover. Therefore a lot of the vineyards are quite recent in comparison with other vineyards in the Burgundy area. However Chablis underwent a boom and became what it is today a symbol of elegance and style for Chardonnay white wine. From 1970 to today the vineyard area has quadrupled. Chablis wine is produced in 20 villages. It has its own Classification System different to the Burgundy Classification system. Chablis wines are divided into four categories ranging from the lowest to the highest quality: Petit ChablisChablisPremier Cru and Grand Cru


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    Chablis 2010

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