Chablis Grand Cru

Grand cru

Grand Cru wines in Chablis are the finest as in Burgundy they are considered by many as unparalleled. The production of Grand Cru wines in Chablis accounts for 3% of the total. They are based on Chardonnay grapes and there is only white wine production. Chardonnay grapes are produced only on the right bank valley of the Serein River which runs through the town of Chablis. The valley offers a slope with a south west exposition. Allowing the Grand Cru vineyards to

The harvest is done manually by most of the producers. Chablis Grand Cru wines can age for up to 15 years. Depending on the winemaker oak can be used during aging to provide the wine with more structure and augment the aging potential. Winemakers are very careful not to overdo oak aging and respect the Grand Cru elegance.benefit from the maximum sun exposition possible. Chablis Grand Cru vineyards are all located on a single hillside where the soil is based on Kimmeridgian clay made of limestone, clay and fossilized oyster shells from billions of years ago.Kimmeridgian clay is very special because it dates from the Jurassic era providing the wines with unrivaled structure, elegance and minerality.

There are only 7 Grand Cru vineyards in Chablis which are the following:

  1. 1. Les Blanchots: 12.2 ha. of vineyard which enjoy a south eastern exposition making it a very special Grand Cru as it differs from the rest who enjoy a south exposition. The soil contains a large percentage of clay. The white wines from Les Blanchots are characterized by being steely, light and elegant.
  2. 2. Les Clos: 24.8 ha. of vineyard produce wine characterized by its authentic intensity, power and structure which awards it an excellent aging potential. Les Clos is owned by over 20 producers and it is the most famous Grand Cru.
  1. 3. Grenouilles: 9.1 ha. of vineyard make the smallest Grand Cru in Chablis. It is a peculiar Grand Cru because 7.2 of the 9.1 ha. are owned by a single producer Chateau Grenouilles which is owned by the Chablis Cooperative: La Chablisienne. Grenouilles Grand Cru wine is well known for its elegant fruit character.
  1. 4. Vaudésir: 14.4 ha. of vineyard located on the highest part of the slope just above Grenouilles. The wine produced in Vaudésir is characterized by floral and elegant notes with hints of spices.
  1. 5. Les Preuses: 11.1 ha. of vineyard produce one of the most elegant white wines in the world with very firm acidity and lovely minerality. Soil erosion provides a very harsh growing environment for the vines giving the wines an outstanding elegance and concentration.
  2. 6. Bougros: 14.3 ha. of vineyard mainly owned by Domaine William Fevre. Bourgros Grand Cru vineyards produce wines that are characterized by their rustic components and hints of earth.
  1. 7. Valmur: 13.2 ha. of vineyard produce wines characterized by their fine structure and intense fruit concentration. Valmur is located just beside Les Clos.
  1. 8. La Moutonne: 2.3 ha. of vineyard compose the 8th Grand Cru, which is not recognized by the INAO (French National Institute in charge of the appellations) but is recognized by the BIVB (Burgundy Wine Professional Bureau). La Moutonne is a Grand Cru defined by historical facts it is part of Preuses and Vaudésir and the wines produced are characterized by their incomparable elegance.