Chablis Wine

Chablis wine BurgundyChablis wine are part of a very large appellation which only produces white wine. Chablis AOC wines can be produced in 20 villages around the city of Chablis in Burgundy.Chablis wines are based on Chardonnay grapes.

Chablis wine terroir

Most of the vineyards are planted on hills with north and east exposition. Chablis wines are produced on well-drained Kimmeridgian soil composed of clay and limestone and fossilized oyster shells from billions of years ago.

In general wine labeled as Chablis AOC has no oak influence, and it is simply made in stainless steel tanks. Chablis wines are characterized by being medium-bodied, elegant, with firm acidity and strong minerality. Furthermore, they present green apple flavors and citrus aromas evolving towards more subtle aromas with age, and they can be drunk while young at 2 to 3 years or can be cellared. Chablis wines have a personality that shows in the glass which makes it so famous.

Chablis AOC Wine

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    Chablis 2010

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