MercureyMercurey appellation is located right in the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise in Burgundy. The soil is composed by a mixture of limestone, sand and clay with a high content of iron. Mercurey produces red wines based on Pinot Noir and white wines based on Chardonnay, red wine production accounts for over 80% of the total.

Mercurey red wines are medium bodied, fuller than the red wines from the neighbors, characterized by cherry flavors and complemented with an intense aromatic profile with hints of earth and spices.

Mercurey white wines represent a small percentage of the total production. They are characterized by their creamy and buttery character. They are nice everyday wines with nice citrus notes, very well balanced and with hints of earth.

There are 32 Premier Cru vineyards in Mercurey which are the following:

Clos Marcilly Le Clos l’Évêque Sazenay
Les Puillets Clos Voyens La Bondue
Les Saumonts Grand Clos Fortoul La Levrière
Les Croichots Clos des Grands Voyens La Mission
La Cailloute Les Montaigus Le Clos du Roy
Les Combins Les Naugues Griffères
Les Champs Martin Les Crêts Les Velley
Clos des Barraults Clos Tonnerre Clos Château de Montaigu
Clos des Myglands Les Vasées Les vignes de Maillonges
Clos des Montaigus Les Byots Clos de Paradis
Les Fourneaux Les Ruelles La Chassière


Mercurey Wine

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  • Mercurey Rouge Les Vasées 1. Cru 2010

    Mercurey Rouge Les Vasées 1. Cru 2010

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  • Mercurey Blanc Les Veleys 1. Cru 2010

    Mercurey Blanc Les Veleys 1. Cru 2010

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    253 DKK
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