Nuits-St-GeorgesNuits-St-Georges AOC is located in the heart of Côte de Nuits in Burgundy and borders to the north with the famous Vosne Romanée. Nuits-St-Georges soil is composed by heavy iron-rich clay called marl. The marl provides Pinot Noir grapes with their strong expression. Nuits-St-Georges produces mainly red wine based on Pinot Noir grapes. White wine production represents only a very small percentage and it based on Chardonnay grapes. Nuits-St-Georges red wines are well-known for their classical Burgundy profile. The red wines present elegant red fruit flavors with complex earth and spice notes.

Nuits-St-Georges appellation has two main wine styles and each presents a unique terroir expression: Northern wines and Southern wines. The wines coming from the North (bordering with Vosne-Romanée) are more elegant and less powerful due to lighter soil richer in limestone. The wines coming from the south are more robust and powerful due to heavier soil richer in marl.

There are no Grand Cru vineyards in Nuits-St-Georges. The following are the Premier Cru vineyards in Nuits-St-Georges appellation:

Aux Champs Perdrix Château Gris Chaînes Carteaux
En la Perrière Noblot Les Crots Clos des Grandes Vignes
Les Damodes Rue de Chaux Clos de la Maréchale
Aux Boudots Les Procès Clos Arlot
Aux Cras Les Pruliers Les Terres Blanches
La Richemone Roncière Les Didiers
Aux Murgers Les Saint-Georges Clos des ForêtsSaint-Georges
Aux Vignerondes Les Cailles Aux Perdrix
Aux Chaignots Les Porrets Saint-Georges Clos des Corvées
Aux Thorey Clos des Porrets Saint-Georges Clos des Corvées Pagets
Aux Argillas Les Vallerots Clos Saint-Marc
Aux Bousselots Les Poulettes Les Argillières
Les Perrières Les Vaucrains Clos des Argillières
Les Hauts Pruliers Les Chaboeufs