Domaine Lafond “Roc-Epine”

Domaine Lafond “Roc-Epine”

Domaine Lafond “Roc-Epine” is family owned winery established in 1780. It was started by Jean-Pierre’s great uncle Pascal Odoyer who was governor of Tavel and the vineyard has since been passed down from  generation to generation. The Lafond family started the first privately owned state in Tavel and contributed to the development of the appellation. In 1970 Domaine Lafond “Roc-Epine” was created by Jean-Pierre Lafond, a huge fan of racehorses he included in the name of the vineyard his favorite racehorse Roquepine. Since 2009 the winery practices organic viticulture meaning they use no pesticides or herbicides. Domaine Lafond “Roc-Epine” produces wine in 4 of the Rhône Valley river appellations: Tavel, Lirac, Côtes du Rhône and Châteauneuf du Pape. Their wines are very highly recognized by Decanter.

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Domaine Lafond "Roc Epine" Wine

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