On Wednesday 30th of January from 18-20h00 we will like to invite you to a Vertical Wine Tasting that will feature our newly arrived Domaine Pascal Bouley 1. Cru Wines. It will take place just around the corner from Torvehallen at Kent Kaffe Laboratorium. The exact location is: Nørre Farimagsgade 70 – 1364 København.

The price is 250 DKK per person. Sign up as soon as possible there are only 30 spots available! Sign up by sending an email to

It will be a guided wine tasting in which we will explore the differences between the 1.Cru wines of the 2009 and 2010 Vintage as well as the differences of terroir between the different 1. Cru parcels in the region of Volnay, Burgundy located in Cote de Beaune. Come, relax and enjoy with our Burgundy Expert, Otto Martinus Nielsen and our Master in Wine, Vine and Terroir, Annai Salazar. 

All the wines we will taste are very highly recognized by Allan Meadows at Burghound Report. We have added the scoring points below to give you a better idea.

In addition until January 31st we are having a huge sale of our favourite and best-seller wine cases, offering up to 30% discount on wine cases. This includes all the wines that will be present at the wine tasting. Click here for more information.

List of wines featured in the Vertical Wine Tasting:


Domaine Pascal Bouley, Volnay, Cote de Beaune, Burgundy 2009

Monthelie 1. Cru Les Clous 2009         Burghound 90

Volnay 1. Cru Champans 2009            Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Clos des Chenes 2009  Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Santenots 2009             Burghound 91-93

Domaine Pascal Bouley, Volnay, Cote de Beaune, Burgundy 2010

Monthelie 1. Cru Les Clous 2010         Burghound 89-91

Volnay 1. Cru Champans 2010            Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Clos des Chenes 2010  Burghound 91-93

Volnay 1. Cru Santenots 2010             Burghound 90-92


Burghound scale

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