The Flavor of Wine

The Flavor of wine

Flavor in wine is much more restricted than aroma. We can only really taste 6 things against 10.000 things we can smell. In this wine tasting we will discover the 6 taste components. We will learn what to look for when tasting a wine, how to define sweet and dry wines and discover the concept of acidity.

Furthermore we will go deeper! To discover what actually gives wine its taste. The flavor of wine has 3 factors that influence it: grape variety, natural environment and human actions. Each grape variety has its own chemical components that develop into flavors during the wine making process. The natural environment refers to the geography and vineyard conditions. The third is human actions composed by viticulture practices, winemaking and aging.

As a wine consumer we tend to be deceived by grape varieties expecting each to have a characteristic taste. This is however not the case the natural environment and the human actions have a huge influence. For example a Pinot Noir from Burgundy has a very different taste from a Pinot Noir from California but it is quite close with a Syrah from a nearby Rhone vineyard.

We will go through the importance of grape ripeness and how it affects flavor.

Join us for an evening of learning and fun in which we will have a practical approach to the flavor of wine!