Ribera del Duero Wine Tasting

Ribera del DueroAt this wine tasting you will discover the modern and classical Ribera del Duero wines. It is a cozy night with good music and outstanding wines.

Ribera del Duero is a fascinating wine region which is in love with the Tempranillo grape. It renders high quality grapes thanks to the difference in temperatures, low amount of rainfall and high sun exposure. These causes harsh conditions to the vineyard and it is the struggle that renders amazing grapes.

We will be tasting wines from Bodegas Mambrilla a historical vineyard that produces wines since the 16th century and that nowadays presents a very modern wine style. Against the legendary winery Protos the first Bodega ever founded in Ribera del Duero that produces classical style wines. The discussion will be guided by our Master in Wine Science.

Wines featured in Discovering Ribera del Duero Wine Tasting

Domaine Manuel Olivier

Cremant de Bourgogne – Welcome sparkling wine.

Bodegas Mambrilla

Alidis Roble 2011 – Robert Parker 89 pts.

Alidis Crianza 2009 – Robert Parker 90 pts.

Alidis Expresion 2006 – Robert Parker 92 pts.


Protos Roble 2009 – Robert Parker 90 pts.

Protos Crianza 2008 – Guia Peñin 91 pts.

Protos Reserva 2005 – Robert Parker 89 pts.