Vertical Wine Tasting – Burgundy 1. Cru Wines

Our Vertical Wine Tasting is a guided wine tasting in which we will explore the differences between the 1. Cru wines of the 2009 and 2010 Vintage as well as the differences of terroir between the different 1. Cru parcels in the region of VolnayBurgundy located in Cote de Beaune. Come, relax and enjoy with our Burgundy Expert, Otto Martinus Nielsen and our Master in Wine, Vine and Terroir, Annai Salazar.

All the wines we will taste are very highly recognized by Allan Meadows at Burghound Report. We have added the scoring points below to give you a better idea.

Wines featured in the Vertical Wine Tasting

Domaine Pascal BouleyVolnay, Cote de BeauneBurgundy 2009

Monthelie 1. Cru Les Clous 2009         Burghound 90

Volnay 1. Cru Champans 2009            Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Clos des Chenes 2009  Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Santenots 2009             Burghound 91-93

Domaine Pascal BouleyVolnayCote de BeauneBurgundy 2010

Monthelie 1. Cru Les Clous 2010         Burghound 89-91

Volnay 1. Cru Champans 2010            Burghound 91-94

Volnay 1. Cru Clos des Chenes 2010  Burghound 91-93

Volnay 1. Cru Santenots 2010             Burghound 90-92